Frequently Asked Questions



What is included in the packages? Each package includes utensils, plates, napkins, a fully staffed truck, and of course... tacos.

Do you require a deposit to book? To officially secure and finalize the date, a 20% deposit is required

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept check, cash, or credit card.  Checks can be payable to Mateo & Willow, LLC  and mailed to 7 days prior to the event:
880 N. Alameda St, 226W
Los Angeles CA 90012

Do you have a minimum? There is $1000 minimum with the cart (up to 60 guests) and a $2000 minimum with the truck.

How big is the truck?  The truck is 25x10 ft. If you plan to save a parking spot, it is about two cars long.  The truck will not fit in a regular parking spot.

How much space does the cart require? And what is the maximum guest count you can have with the cart?  The cart requires approximately 8x3 ft. We can do a service of up to 60 people with the cart.  

How much time in advance do you arrive?  We arrive one hour before the start of service.

I need you earlier than that, is that possible?  Yes!  There is a $150 cost for every hour you would like to add before and after the event

This is for a non-profit, do you have any special rates?  Depending on the day and time of your party we may be able to offer special nonprofit rates for Active 501c3 charities

I want to order something I had on the truck and isn't on the menu, is that possible?  Absolutely, let us know what item you are interested in and we will let you know how we can incorporate it into your event!  

Does Chef Wes go to the events?  Chef Wes goes to most events.  He does not go to every event due to his busy schedule however he stands behind every taco that is served out of our truck.

Do you provide servers?  We do not provide servers.  We will have one person dedicated to taking your order and making sure that your guests receive their food.

I want my guests to pay for themselves, is that possible?Yes.  A minimum guarantee of $1000 with the cart and $2000 with the truck that has to be met.

How many tacos can I order per package? Can I order more?Our packages include 4 tacos. It is possible to do more for an additional cost.

Do you sell drinks?  Yes, you can add drinks to any package.  Ask our event coordinator for more information!

What do you serve your tacos on?  We serve our tacos in eco-friendly compostable natural plates

What type of events does Guerrilla Tacos cater?
Anything!  WEDDINGS!  BIRTHDAY PARTIES!  HOLIDAY PARTIES!  We also cater for Major production studios, Film Festivals, Birthdays, Meetings, Churches or any other Special Event.

Do you have a service charge? Should I pay an additional gratuity? We do not have a service charge.  Out package prices are inclusive.  The only additional cost would be for sales tax.  Gratuity is entirely optional and can be changed up to 48 hours after your event.

What is the travel fee for? The travel fee makes it possible for us to provide (labor & utilities) service to your area. If the event is within 40 miles of our downtown location there is no travel fee.

Do I need to provide a permit? If you are located in Los Angeles or Culver City you will not need to obtain a permit. Outside cities may require a permit, unless we will be parking on private property. Please check your city for its requirements.

How far in advance should I book an event? We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure the date. Please fill out our Catering Request Form so we can save a spot for you and contact you to discuss.

When is the total due? The balance is due 48 hours before your event.  Checks will only be accepted 7 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR (to allow for clearance).

I have filled out the Catering Request Form, does this mean I have booked the event? If not, how can I? Unfortunately not, it is just a Request, in order to secure your event you would need to sign a Contract & pay the 20% deposit.